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Wellness Solutions for Worksites

Holtyn & Associates, LLC provides award winning comprehensive worksite wellness programs to companies that want to improve the health of their employees, increase performance and boost their bottom line. Specifically, our "One-to-One at the Worksite" program makes wellness fun and easy for employees. We make personal contact at your location. We follow up. We help create a culture of wellness. As a result, our partners enjoy high participation rates and reduced health risk, which improves their return on investment.

"We have had a longstanding relationship with Holtyn & Associates and the One-to-One program. Our partnership has resulted in Kalamazoo Valley Community College being recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a 'Best Practice' worksite wellness model for the nation.

In addition, at the start of the program, 18% of our employees were without heart disease risk factors. Today, 56% have no heart disease risk factors! We have maintained this low heart disease risk factor status over multiple years.

Overall, our health care costs have risen at a significantly slower rate than the national average, and in some years, our claims budget has actually decreased."

— Marilyn J. Schlack, President, Kalamazoo Valley Community College

"Our participation rate is at 85%, heart disease risk factors have markedly decreased, nutrition and exercise habits have improved and stress has decreased. We feel that the wellness program has played a role in controlling our health care costs. Our decision to partner with Holtyn & Associates in this excellent wellness program has led to a more healthy, productive and satisfied workforce; with positive impact on their families. The program has literally changed lives and is creating a culture of wellness within our organization."

— Peter Battani, Administrator, Kalamazoo County Government

"I eat healthier and drink water daily. During my follow-up visit with my coach, my oxygen fitness number went up. I lost inches on my waist and my overall numbers improved. I can't wait to have my six-month follow up to see how much healthier I am."

— Custodial Supervisor, Western Michigan University

"The coach I'm working with is what I think of as my personal cheerleader. I truly love the fact that Holytn & Associates is helping me make life changes and that they are not pulling me through this process. They are holding my hand and guiding me through the things that I really want to change, and I am seeing so many changes."

— Program Participant